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Screen Customers for Improved Security

It goes without saying we have an immense responsibility to our customers to maintain the highest levels of security. Coded Security gate. Resident caretaker. 24 hour video surveillance are all passive means of keeping a pulse on activity around your self storage facility. A more active security measure can be taken when screening customers on the phone or in person when they arrive at the office. The phone interview is the first impression you may have with a customer and by asking the right questions you can gauge whether or not this is a customer you may or may not want renting space at your facility. Instead of simply providing them rate quotes and size availability, screen for potentially suspicious or less desirable customers. More often than not it will be obvious. This will give you a ‘heads up’ when they arrive at your office to rent storage space. This is where we have no problem rejecting customers who may seam suspicious or ‘shady’. With them are usually a few friends who are equally mischievous and, in an effort to ward off potential issues up front and better secure your valued, existing customers, you may choose NOT to rent to these people. Question is, how to do so professionally while minimizing any potential confrontation? Aside from the required valid photo identification, simply ask for a valid credit card. State clearly its mandatory policy to provide a valid credit card with their name on it – not a ‘preferred customer’ or pre-paid credit card. In our experience odds are very likely less desirable customers won’t have one. No valid ID, no rental unit. No credit card, sorry we can’t help you out. Insensitive? Unprofessional? Discriminatory? Not in our experience. We want quality customers who collectively add to the security of our self storage facility while assuring mischievous activity WILL NOT be tolerated. This is an effective way of accomplishing such.