Why No Fees?

Our customers ask us all the time – Why don’t you have any fees like the other self storage facilities in Kelowna? The fact is we used to charge a damage deposit (also called Security Deposit). However we found a few flaws with this. First, it left a negative impression with a new customer renting a unit for the first time. Second, very rarely was there ever any damage. Maybe the odd item was left behind for us to dispose of when a customer moved out, but that’s part of the storage business. Third, we inevitably have to clean units between customers anyway. And Four, the majority of customers move out after office hours in the evening and on weekends. Then, they are left wondering how and when they might get their deposit back. From an administrative standpoint we spent a lot of time refunding credit cards and writing deposit refund cheques. By doing away with the security / damage deposit we are better able to spend time providing a superior customer experience for customers. When asked why our customers chose Totom for self storage in Kelowna the response is consistent – You were the most helpful and friendly on the phone, your rates were reasonable and you have no added fees!