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Exterior LED Conversion a HUGE Success

As a business owner you are naturally sensitive costs, especially when they continue to climb. In addition, remaining environmentally conscious and doing what we can to reduce our carbon footprint presents an ongoing challenge.

Last fall when we evaluated a full retrofit of our exterior lighting over to LED, it presented us with both an opportunity to save money long-term as hydro costs continue to rise over the coming years, as well as reduce our energy consumption thus complimenting our long range environment goals. However, this came at a cost – a significant cost in replacing aging, high-wattage flood light fixtures. This clearly had to make sense.

We researched many LED products, the lumens needed to maintain high security at night and the suitable temperature scale (or hue) we needed to achieve the desired visibility. Ultimately, we’d like to extend a huge Thank You to Glen at Westburne in Kelowna in helping us explore all the options available to us. Once we narrowed down the lights that best suited our needs, we turned to the Business Rebates centre at Fortis BC, where Karen was a huge assistance in confirming which lights were available for rebates and which LED products satisfied the rebate requirements.

We were able to replace flood lights that ranged from 250w – 500w halogens, with 25w LEDs. Our standard lighting was improved with 7w LEDs. Once installed we applied for the Fortis rebate which was handled efficiently and promptly returned a rebate of 32% of our original material costs.

The resulting success, 6 months later, after our shorter winter days and longer hours of lighting usage, we have achieved a consistent 39% reduction in our daily average kWh consumption across the board! Ultimately, in less than 1 year, this project will have paid for itself. The peripheral benefits provide lights we no longer have to change and maintain for many years to come. An added bonus, with the lower temperature of lights themselves, we have reduced the buildup of cobwebs on buildings and around lights and under soffits improving the cleanliness of the storage facility all around.

Thanks again to Glen at Westburne and Karen at the Fortis Business Rebates centre. Your guidance, friendly service and professionalism was greatly appreciated!