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Spring Purge – Downsize your Storage Space

Well, Spring is just around the corner – FINALLY! The days are getting longer and as the weather warms up, we see more of our neighbours as people start to snap out of hibernation. This will entail Spring cleaning, yard work, garage sales and all the happier moments that Spring brings. Self storage starts to get busier as well with people visiting their storage units to access summer wheels and other seasonal items they turnover at this time of year. However, while you clean your home and personal space, have you considered cleaning up your storage locker? Perhaps even downsizing? Yes, getting rid of some of those unnecessary items you haven’t touched in years! In the self storage business we see it all the time – out of sight, out of mind – and you end up paying for more space than you need for literally YEARS! However, a service many don’t realize we can help you with is downsizing and helping you move from your existing storage unit to a smaller, more cost effective one. See our Rates page to determine what you are paying now and what you could save by moving from, say, a 10×10 to a 7.5×10 or even a 5×10. Aside from lending you a moving dolly, we’d be happy to consult with you in person and advise where to donate things like old electronics and clothing and how to properly dispose of other items such as Shredding important documents and differentiating between garbage and recyclables. We are not just a destination for your stuff. We are here to help and provide a valuable service. Bring on Spring!