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Cops for Kids Kelowna

Totom Storage in Kelowna is now in our 3rd year proudly sponsoring Cops for Kids

One of the least desirable aspects of the self storage business is sending people to auction. Inevitably for some, storage is their last stop before finding themselves on the streets. Much of this a result of addiction and mental illness – something that individual can’t necessarily control easily on their own. With no family support network this becomes their unfortunate reality in life. As for auction we have no way of knowing what each individual’s situation may be. With absolutely no means of reaching them, we are left with no option other than sending their contents to auction. Once the auction company takes anything they deem has value, the rest is left and we try our best to give back to Big Brothers & Sisters of the Okanagan. We send what we can to thrift stores and turnover as much as possible to those in need. What’s sad is when you see family photo albums and kids toys, clothes and ‘stuffys’. There are signs a plenty of what was once a stable, happy family existence. No more.

This is why we at Totom Storage try to give back any way we can and Cops for Kids is one such charity doing a great job helping children in need.